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Espen Øksby is the Official preferred partner of A-Yachts for Norway and the Scandinavian area.

Espen Øksby has grown up with boats since he was a small boy, having spent most of his vacations at sea during his childhood. When Espen was at the age of 7 he started sailing an Optimist, then experienced windsurfers and later Yngling during his time at high school.

From the early years of sailing an Optimist, the feeling of managing, traveling and sailing, using the wind forces, gave root to a lifelong passion. After college, Espen moved on to active regatta sailing with larger sail yachts between 34, 36, 42 and 52 feet. In the early stages of his working life, he worked in sailing summer camps for children as a sail and boat instructor.

Growing up he moved to bigger boats and luxury Yachts, in the last 10 years he has been promoting and selling sail yachts all around  Scandinavia.

Today Espen is a member of the The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, KNS, Kongelig Norsk Seilforening. Actively attending regattas with Yngling boats, at his local Yacht Club. Over the years he won some regattas, and competitions… but fun, passion for the sea and freedom are the drivers that make him enjoy the wonderful world of sailing.

He is a trustworthy and highly competent person in the nautical field, hard-working, friendly, attentive to details, quality and service for customers.

Currently, he is located in Oslo and he has been working as an experienced partner in an international investment bank. In addition, he has always strived to combine this activity with his passion for fast cruising sailing and luxurious superyachts. Definity he is a passionate sailor and since he was a child fell in love with the sea and outdoor life. 

Norway is the perfect location for outdoor living and sailing, even if the summer season is shorter than in the Med.

Espen Øksby -

T: +47 99525595

Uranienborgveien 11 F 

0351 Oslo, Norway